::vtol:: aka Dmitry Morozov - Лесофон / Lesophon

In the Pasvik Valley, in a large barn, a few dozen adhesive tape rolls hang in a row. Attached by only a tiny piece of the tape, the rolls are slowly pulled towards the valley ground by their own weight, a process that takes several hours. Each of the rolls has a fixed mirror, an ultrasonic distance sensor that points downwards, and a small contact microphone. The microphone reads the vibration of the tape, which gradually increases as tape unwinds, while each tape works as a membrane, capturing the vibrations of the air, of its fixation point, and of the tape itself. Лесофон / Lesophon is a work by ::vtol:: aka Dmitry Morozov, commissioned by Dark Ecology 2016. ::vtol:: aka Dmitry Morozov (RU) is a media artist, musician and engineer of strange-sounding machines, and is based in Moscow. He implements his ideas in technological art: robotics, sound art, science art. In the mid 00s Morozov started using his DIY and circuit-bent instruments for his own music projects. He is the first batch producer of music and video synthesizers in the post-Soviet area. Besides making music and instruments, Morozov creates audiovisual art installations and promotes circuit bending and DIY electronics in Russia through lectures and workshops. Morozov is Laureate of Sergei Kuryokhin Prize (2013), Prix Cube (France, 2014) and obtained honorary mentions at VIDA 16.0 (Spain, 2014) and Ars Electronica (Austria, 2015).

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