Dark Ecology Academy with Franz Pomassl in Kirkenes

The first Dark Ecology Academy, a two-day intensive workshop that forms part of the Dark Ecology project, will take place in Kirkenes on 13 and 14 October 2014. It is led by the Austrian sound artist Franz Pomassl. Pomassl introduces his artistic approach on the first day. His presentation reflects on the relation between sound, space, perception, physics, and the body, and is based on a selection of his site-specific sound installations in public space. He will concentrate on theoretical aspects of expanded electronic music and beyond, and there will be an occasion for open discussion as well as for short presentations by the participants. The second day is hands-on, and features a range of site-specific sound experiments, as well as visits (on foot and by boat) to locations in and around Kirkenes that are sonically relevant and unique. This workshop is aimed at aspiring, emerging and curious sound artists and musicians, and admission to it is free of charge. We encourage participants to bring their own tools and instruments. For more information, please e-mail: darkecology[at]sonicacts[.]com. If you want to participate send us a short e-mail outlining your background. Franz Pomassl (AT) is a sonic artist, electronic musician, sound curator, academic lecturer and researcher. He runs the record label Laton. In his performances Pomassl uses a broad range of homebuilt analogue electronic equipment. He is one of the dazzling figureheads of the cutting-edge electronic music scene and has released seven full-length solo-albums, and three vinyl EPs, in addition to numerous tracks on labels such as Raster-Noton and Mille Plateaux. With a reputation for being an unparalleled performer, Pomassl is one of the emblematic figures of a sonic quest pushed to the extreme.

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